February 13:   w/Eric Bellinger

San Diego, CA

March 8:   The Duck Club

Irvine, CA

March 15-17: Unapolegetically Black   Seattle, WA

April 11:   The Cypher  Open Mic.

Jacksonville, FL

May   11:   The Rosewood Initiative

Portland, Oregon

Memorial Day Weekend: Riverton, Wyoming

June 28th: Reggie Bush Charity Gala. San Diego, CA   (non performance event)

August 15: La Paloma Poetry Slam. Encinitas, CA

August 31: National Spoken Word Awards.   Chicago, Illinois

September 26-28th:  San Diego, CA Individual World Poetry Slam

January 30, 2020.  Fayetteville, NC.

July 2,  2020:  Hawaii Slam.

Honolulu, Hawaii

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