What would you do when your biggest worth in the world is another person? That's the situation when two men from two different generations befriend one another. However, as time progresses and their friendship grows, one man must face an unparalleled truth that can possibly shake up the course of both of their lives. With the old adage being the truth shall set you free, the question becomes, how long can one look in the mirror before they eventually have to face their true self? 


Welcome to Goodman Park, U.S.A. Population slightly under 3,000. It’s a small, Midwest town nestled in the heart of industrial America, with the majority of its residents being black. Here, everyone knows everyone and the community takes care of each other. Tre Matthews is one of those residents. A well known young man whose athletic talents took him to the University of Georgia. However, upon his return home after college, the town is discovered to be sitting on poisoned land. The whole community is threatened with being pushed out. Upon learning of this, he tries to rally support from whoever will listen to save his community. In his travels, he meets someone who will end up being the Key to unlocking a chain reaction that may save his town, or destroy it all together in the end.


Two friends. Two brothers. Two men that would go to the ends of the world and back for each other. That’s the type of relationship that Wayne “Ty” Russell and Kevin West had. However, the two men had different plans for their lives. One loved the bright lights of the big city. The other wanted to grind it out aggressively, leaving his mark in some of the most random places on Earth. Upon going their separate ways, they will learn the definite meaning of friendship and what it means to truly be loyal to a cause.


Star Jackson is pregnant and seeing her husband off for a six month deployment to The Persian Gulf. With Carl gone, Star will take herself out of her comfort zone and go search for the answers to her past which she so desperately seeks. However, during her journey, she will get many answers that she was not prepared for. In turn, it will open up many memories that lay dormant that are now seeking to devour her. With her husband gone and no one to lean on but herself, she must overcome the opening of old wounds and heal new ones. In a race to find the truth, she will learn that the biggest threat to healing is facing yourself.


Ramses Osiris Martin wasn’t like the typical black kid growing up in America. He had it made in life. He lived in a good neighborhood in Southern California, with wealthy parents and went to the best schools money could buy. However, even with all of that, he still faced a challenge that no doctor or amount of money could cure. That was simply trying to face the reality of what it is really like to be Black in America. Separated from his culture due to where he grew up, the young 16 year old is now on a journey to see who he really is. A simple trip to unfamiliar lands will test him to the very depths of his soul. Throughout it all, it will take him through hell and back. From the football field, to the country, the inner city and beyond, what lessons will stay entrenched in his soul for all eternity? What is the price that he will pay to see how deep the melanin roots are in his skin?


Joe McClain Jr. has taken the book world by storm over the past few years. Now, as he grows to a high level in his craft, he presents to his readers P.E.E.R.S: The five step process towards achieving greatness. Joe has taken his love for motivating the masses and put it all in this easy to follow guide of steps you can take to achieve greatness here on earth. The author/poet/motivational speaker opens up on all aspects of his life and everyone’s in general, giving you the tools you need to build empires. No, this book will not tell you how to get rich overnight or become the next great singer. It can however start you off in the right direction to begin the process of elevating yourself to levels you could have never imagined. P.E.E.R.S. is a powerful book that many of this generation will be talking about for years to come.


Lamar Atteley III has made out a good life for himself. He has turned Las Vegas into his own personal playground after surviving the rough environment of Detroit, Michigan. However, with a new job offer, he now has to prepare for a new chapter of his life that will either make or break him. His adventure will take him to the other side of the world......to Guam. Now, he will be tested harder than any other point in his life. With all new surroundings, more money, women at his disposal and a different breed of people in general, the question is can he handle it all. When its all said and done, you will understand why we sometimes sleep with the lights on.


Amazon #1 Bestseller

A hard life in the inner city. Made it through. About to prepare for the next step of most young men. College. That was all until one fateful night to where freedom was taken away. Now, in the battle of his young life, a young man has two options. Die in prison, or snitch and possibly get another chance. Either choice will draw consequences, but what will he choose??? What wounds will be healed, and what wounds will be re-opened???


When his father passed at 12, Mr. Terrelle Washington grew up fast and survived the dangerous streets of East Chicago, Indiana. After finding out his deceased father left him a large inheritance, he decided to leave for California and achieve his dream of becoming a published author. However, the land of Hollywood stars was soon transformed into a maze of unforeseen obstacles he never expected on his way to the top. How will it play out??? Will he achieve his dream, or will it be shattered into a nightmare of failure.



In a world full of continued bigotry, hatred, race wars, Black oppression, Black uprising, police brutality and every person with Melanin on edge, toeing the line between personal responsibility and cultural obligation can shift an individual's mental matrix. Deciding what's authentic and what is just a fallacy has become the life-altering decision which will either sprout the next generational seeds, or cause the roots of our existence to wither and die. Mac Baker Jr. is the lone seed planted in rich soil. He has found himself at the crossroads of navigating what can terminate his existence, all while trying to prove that the power of a Black man can merely be skin deep.