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-Opened for platinum R&B acts Joe, Jon B and Dwele.
-Multiple time slam winner.
-2019 San Diego Slam representative for Individual World Poetry Slam
-2018 and 2020 Inland Empire(CA)Slam Champ.
-Headlined 'DEEP GREENWOOD: Hidden Truth of Black Wall Street,' in the historic Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


What started as a simple assignment his senior year of high school(2001-02) from his English teacher Mrs. Joshua, turned into a full fledged passion that would take Joe all over America, and different parts of the world. First performing in 2008, he was simply an amateur trying to overcome a fear of stage fright. However, he quickly became comfortable, improving his wordplay and delivery over time. In 2014, he entered into the world of slam poetry and became engulfed in the art form. Under the mentorship of former San Diego Slam team member Jonathan "Deacon" Blair, his first slam victory came in 2015. It was all an upward trend from there. He has since won the Inland Empire slam title on two occasions, placed Top 25 at the Individual World Poetry Slam and has won multiple slams overall. Additionally, he has performed as far away as Guam, and toured extensively throughout America to include headlining Seattle, Portland, Jacksonville and Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma.