-32 million adults can't read. AT ALL!!
-50% of adults can't read a book at an eight grade level.
-66% of youth in poverty don't have books in the home.
-66%(2 out of 3) of youth from grades 4-12 can't read at grade level.
-33% of juvenile offenders read below a fourth grade level.

-Only 80% of high school students graduate. Out of those 80%, 33% of them, and 50% of low income and minority students don't graduate on time.

When you look at the above statistics, I can personally tell you that this isn't some random made up number. These are numbers that are compiled by the U.S. Department of Education. It is no secret that with us living and existing in the digital age, the power of influence is at an all time high. Television and the internet have become the new source of learning while literature has taken a back seat. This has done more damage than anyone could ever imagine. At Uprock Publications, as with any business, the goal is to run a business. You know, sell books, publishing services, editing services, any and everything that is associated with making profit. However, as I have learned throughout my time on this Earth, money isn't everything. It has caused divide between all people on this earth. As a best selling author and someone who considers himself as an influential person, I have taken it upon myself to create a reading and writing initiative that I sincerely hope can elevate the masses, particularly young adults between ages 10-18. When you see me with these celebrities, and they are holding my books in their hands, trust me, it is for way more than exposure. I have that already. I have rubbed elbows with greats from all entertainment fields. I recognize the power in a picture. When a child or young adult sees his favorite athlete or entertainer with a product, they usually want that product as well. At times, celebrities have denied my offers. Most times, they have accepted it. I am grateful for both. To those who have rejected me, I apologize if I seemed too abrasive or came on too strong with my purpose. Too some, I just may seem like an average guy who is trying to use their likeness to sell a product. That is not the case, but I completely understand. To those who have accepted my gifts, I thank you. I don't know the total impact I have had as of yet, but I sincerely hope that what I am doing is playing a part in putting a dent on terrible graduation rates, low literacy scores and comprehension skills. Only time will tell, but know that my true intention is to make a difference while I am here. I thank the numerous prominent figures who I have had a chance to present my books too. Mark Cuban, GZA of Wu tang Clan, Troy Ave., Cyhi the Prince, Gabby Douglas, Terrell Owens, Marcus Allen, Marshall Faulk, Darius Philon, Marcedes Lewis, Martavis Bryant, Draymond Green, Reggie Bush, Nick Cannon, Lance Moore, Kendall Gaskins, Bruce Miller, Shawne Merriman, Pooch Hall, Thomas Williams, Jonathan Stewart, LaDainian Tomlinson, Thomas Jones, Jerry Rice and others. You have all played a huge part in helping raise the standard one small book or written word at a time. My gratitude to you all is priceless. 

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